Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Session 6

Freya's Saga

The events of the past week have been far reaching. With the three dragon eggs destroyed and a faction of the Cult of the Dragon scattered, I feel that we have prevented some of the destruction that plagued my dreams.

We are now in Elturel and have found the monk, Leosin. Turns out, he is a part of a group of people called The Harpers. Spoony and I have joined their ranks in hopes of quelling the dragon threat. Curie and Healy have joined a group as well. They go by the name, The Order of the Gauntlet. I feel that with our new connections we can really do some good.

Spoony and I have gotten tattoos of The Harpers’ emblem, as they requested. I had the tattooist put it on the front of my right shoulder. It stung worse than a wasp!

The Spirit inside of me is more than just a bear, that much has come to be clear. Though, I feel as if he is hiding himself from me. He feels old, powerful…and unnatural. I wish to know him, since he is now a part of me, and I see no way of removing him. I accept him, together we can prevail and stop those horrible dreams from coming to pass. His rage is my companion and my strength. I wish him to know that this is so. I’ve gotten a second tattoo, a raging bear with spirit markings upon it’s body. It’s placed on the front of my left shoulder so all will know who is on my side.



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