Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Session 4

Freya's Saga

I’m beginning to detest Greenest. The place is filled with the smell of kobolds and heat. And I keep dying, or coming close to dying. After saving the villagers from the Temple of Chauntea, the keep was surrounded. The leader of the raiders, a dragonborne, challenged a warrior from within the ranks to fight him, said he would leave if someone did. If not, he would storm the keep. We all knew the keep could not withstand their numbers.

There is something about those McCureson’s. It’s like bravery is bred into them, or blind stupidity. Either way, Curie volunteered, even after the group said I would stand a better chance. But, I hesitated and Curie did not. She is a true hero. The rage inside me roared, said he would help, told me to stop being a coward. But, a coward I am. I knew I couldn’t win, but the shame of sending a friend to die in my stead was too much. A hero does not let others die for them. “I am the Hero of Spine; I am a Hero of Greenest!” I thought. How could I be if I allowed a friend to do this?

So, I walked out to meet the dragonborne with a shaky axe and knees. I probably looked the fool. I let the rage take me, felt it bubble over and explode. I woke in the keep with the raiders gone. I didn’t beat the dragonborne, but at least my friends are safe.



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