Freya den Svart

Human Illuskan Barbarian




Freya’s home village lies between the scattered lakes north of Luskan and south of the mountains of Icewind Dale. There she worked as the village tanner, a craft learned from her late father, living a humble but contented life among her people.

Life, however, has not been an overly peaceful one. For years, the small village of Icewind Lake has fallen prey to the Great Bear, a monstrous, black beast that roams the valleys south of the Spine. The Great Bear has become a source of fear and mystery for the people living south of the Spine and particularly of Icewind Lake, and almost a test of courage for the young men seeking prestige and valor. Every few months the Great Bear comes into the village only to kill one of the young, promising warriors of the tribe, then leaves as quickly as he appeared.

On one of these particular days, when the village’s number of promising young men had declined to an alarmingly small number, the Great Bear burst from the forest bent on ravaging yet another victim. Freya, never being one prone to violence or battle, found herself in the Great Bear’s path. Out of shear will to survive, Freya somehow defeated the grisly beast and as the Great Bear died by her greataxe, she heard a deep voice full of power and rage whisper to her, “Are you worthy, we shall see?”

The villagers revered and celebrated her courage, calling her the Hero of the Spine. Only Freya did not see herself as a hero, only someone lucky enough to survive such a horrible incident. And following the death of the Great Bear, Freya has fallen victim to a great and powerful rage that erupts without a moments notice only to disappear just as quickly. Also, Freya’s dreams have harbored horrendous images of the world being destroyed by cold, choking fumes, lightening storms, waves of acid, and horrible fire. Each time, the dream ends with ten evil eyes glaring at her from the darkness. A voice, the same one heard at the death of the Great Bear, urged her to travel to Greenest. Wishing these dreams gone, Freya took up her greataxe, left her tribe and village behind and traveled to the town spoken to her in her dreams in hope of finding the answer to their riddle.

Freya den Svart

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