Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Sessions 2-3: Greenest in Flames

Freya's Saga

Greenest, this place, is not what I expected. Not that I expected much to begin with. I wanted answers, and with each answer is a new question. I feel like I stumbled upon something big, bigger than Greenest. It’s an echo in my mind and it gnaws at me. The cultists talk of a Dragon Queen, and they are her cult. None of it makes much sense.

Since I killed the Great Bear, I’ve changed. And it’s not just the voice and the dreams anymore. There is something here, inside me. I feel it now. The rage inside is taking shape, forming into something. I know what the voice belongs to now. It’s the rage. With every creature I kill it becomes stronger; the voice becomes more substantial. The rage came out during the fighting. It blinded me, pushed me aside. It feels animal, primal, and feral. What has happened to me…

We lost the little girl and the elf. I didn’t even get to know their names. Though, I know with who I fight now. The brave dwarf is Healy and we were joined by his cousin Curie just earlier today. The bard is Spoony. Odd names, but good people. They are a talented bunch, I feel as if I can learn much from them. I’ve copied some of the bard’s words here. Maybe I can learn how to kill with them as well. I’ll practice when I have more time.

_Adult blue dragon?
_More like tiny lizard.

_I’m a bear, scary.
_Dragons might be scared of bear.
_I really hope so.

_Lennithon, you punk,
_You’re not as cool as you think.
_You’re just too common.

_Rats, disgusting rats…
_Packed with venom vitriol
_Flipping GROSS AS HECK!

_Kobold you stink, yo!
_I’m not impressed with you.

Governor Nighthill and the keymaster, Escobear, have asked us to help. We drove Lennithon away from the keep, saved the mill, and now they call us the Hero’s of Greenest. Why do people keep calling me a hero? I’m not heroic in the slightest. I’m just a big, blundering barbarian.

We think the mill was a trap. Orders were found on one of the cultists from Frulam Mondath. We were called “troublesome adventurers”. The cultists and bandits were supposed to ambush and kill us. We must be rattling some feathers somewhere. (is that the right expression?)

Nighthill is sending us back out into the village soon. There’s a temple with villagers stuck inside. He wants us to go and see what we can uncover. I fear the rage will come again…



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