Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Session 1-Greenest in Flames

Freya's Saga

I have been on the road now for almost half a year, and after joining up with a merchant caravan at Bauldur’s Gate, I’m finally close to Greenest. The dreams haven’t stopped, but have grown more frequent and intense. And there is a frightening rage within me. I feel it burning and bubbling beneath the surface, waiting, like it is alive. It’s unnerving.

The people in the caravan are a nice, but quiet bunch. There is a child, no more than ten years of age, who is traveling alone. I can only wonder where her parents are, or if she has any. I’m too afraid to ask.

Greenest came into sight as we approached the end of a long day. Burning. Like my dreams. A dragon had attacked. A…dragon.

A young dwarf, who had been traveling with us, charged ahead. No fear. Just action. I admired his bravery, it’s what I need if I’m ever going to earn the praise my people had given me. So, I charged after him. But, dwarves are not the fastest race and I quickly overcame him. I want to be brave. That doesn’t mean that I am. So, I waited for him and matched his pace.

At Greenest we came upon raiders bursting from a home, kobolds. Disgusting little creatures. They attacked immediately. It was frightening. The powerful voice in my head came alive, “FIGHT!” he commanded. So, I tried. I missed, the little buggers are so small, my greataxe went right over it’s head.

It’s humiliating to miss with such a big weapon. The bard killed a kobold with just words. WORDS! My axe was shown up by words!

I tried again, thinking this time I would aim a little lower…I really need to practice.

The ten year old was fighting with us. I thought she had stayed behind with the merchants on the road, but I underestimated her. She even killed a kobold with her ice magic. Ten…years…old.

A drake attacked just as I leaned down to dislodge my axe from the ground. Providence? Yes. It missed.

The bard hurled insults at the drake, something about his scales. It was odd, I didn’t know drake’s cared so much about their scales. I landed the killing blow. The sound…

The voice in my head approved. He said, “Good.” I followed the dwarf’s lead. He seemed to know what he was doing. Though, he was handing out lollipops…I’ve never seen a lollipop before. The ten year old asked for one, I almost did too. But, a family appeared. A father with three children. A woman with a broken spear stepped in to defend them. She fell quickly, but she bought them time to flee. It was heroic…

We ran to help. The dwarf helped the woman, brought her back to life. The bard killed five in one go. Amazing! The little girl even killed one, and the wood elf. I can’t even seem to hit the little buggers. The voice in my head growls, he’s impatient, frustrated…embarrassed. So am I.

The woman, turns out, was the mother of the family. They come back to get her. They were all in bad shape. They were heading for the keep, and I wanted to make sure they got there safely. The dwarf came with me while the others headed Northeast to figure out what’s going on. But, we were attacked. Cultists and kobolds. The voice spoke to me again. He was angry and drowned out all the noise. “Fight! Save them!” The rage beneath began to boil, but there were too many too fast. I didn’t stand a chance.

I’m writing this from my bed in the keep. I don’t even know how I got here.



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